A language development and language awareness tool

Particularly suitable for early childhood structures and for children up to 8 years old, this innovative approach makes it possible to tell animated stories in several languages, using objects that symbolize the characters and key elements of the story and that magically appear from the box.
The Story Box can be used in many ways: stories can be told in the language of one’s choice and then in French, or in French with the addition of key words in another language.
It is a powerful tool for language development and the promotion of plurilingualism.
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Between theater and storytelling, this magical box allows:

  • All professionals in education and early childhood to give children a taste for languages and stories;
  • Parents to tell stories regardless of their language;
  • Educational structures to invite parents to join storytelling workshops and thus to value the diversity of languages. 
Either way, it’s a lot of fun for young and old alike!

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Videos of Dulala’s Story Box

Spark interest in languages and stories  in kindergarten. How and why should I use the Story Box in kindergarten?
The Story Box, “The Little Riding Hood” told in Italian by Alice (6 years old).
The Story Box, “The Little Riding Hood” told by Alice (almost) 10 years later.

Story Box articles, reports and trainings

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Testimony of a kindergarten director 

« Thank you for the quality of your Story Box training, which allowed us to discover a very efficient and simulating tool. It looked so simple when you opened the Box, but in the end two days are not too much to understand all the subtleties of the tool, or to get trained!  After the holidays, I would like to ask two mothers from the class, one Romanian, the other Peul, to tell the children the story of The Wolf and the 7 Little Goats. I will then tell it in French to enlighten the bond between the languages. »

Eduscol | The Story Box. Interview with the kindergarten director and a Dulala speaker.

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