Language Friends Network

For more than 10 years and with the help of researchers, educational and community actors, Dulala has actively been fostering openness to languages and cultures.
Our goal is to establish an inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural education. We invite you to join us in this movement so we can meet the challenges of multilingual schools in the 21st century..
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Blalala is a Facebook group open to education workers fostering a plurilingual and intercultural education. The perfect place to share your ideas, experience and resources! 
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Kamilala is an international network of education actors, brought together by the common goal of making linguistic and cultural diversity a wealth to be valued. After its launching in 2018 by Dulala, the network has been built thanks to the investment of many associate structures from around the world, each of them tributary of their own plurilingual Kamishibai Contest.
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  • Are you a teacher or an activity leader? Take on the adventure of the Plurilingual Kamishibaï Contest! 
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