Composition of the 2021 Board of Directors

Office members

Professor Emeritus at the University of Strasbourg, Christine HELOT is a sociolinguist specializing in issues of bi- and plurilingualism in the family and educational context. A teacher trainer in Ireland and France and in many other countries, she has published a dozen books in English and French, including in 2007 “Du bilinguisme en famille au plurilinguisme à l’école” (“From family bilinguism to school plurilinguism”) (L’Harmattan), and in 2016 “L’Education bilingue en France: Politiques linguistiques, modèles, pratiques” (Lambert Lucas).
Yvanne CHENOUF is a teacher (notably in an experimental district for 10 years) and worked for twenty years at the National Institute for Educational Research on reading and writing issues. A former project manager at the Seine-Saint-Denis academic inspectorate and former ESPE teacher, she is also a member of the French Association for Reading, editor of Actes de Lecture and secretary-general of Dulala.
After studying agricultural engineering and fundamental biology, Benoit GAJDOS joined the strategy consulting firm Bossard Consultants. In 2001, he participated in the creation of the strategy consulting firm Kea & Partners, of which he is one of the partners and has been in charge of liability issues since 2007. In 2014, he created CO, a non-for-profit consulting firm dedicated to the general interest, whose mission is to enable social economy actors to increase their impact and sustainability.


Estelle BARTHÉLÉMY After completing a master’s degree in economics, Estelle Barthélémy participated in a continuing education program in Vietnam, then co-founded Mozaïk RH. Now a strategic coach at Antropia ESSEC, she also shares her expertise in social entrepreneurship through Oya Agency, which she founded in 2018.
Mama DOUCOURÉ Mama Doucouré is a biotechnology teacher and also president of the association Art Culture et Civilisation, which aims at encouraging intercultural exchanges to ensure a culture of peace. Author of several language methods and former speaker of Soninke workshops, Mama is also a municipal councilor in Montreuil, responsible for women’s rights, the fight against violence toward women and against discrimination.
Marine QUENIN Graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and holder of a Master of Arts in International Relations from Sussex University (Brighton, UK), she participated in the development of the association Samusocial International, which she managed for 8 years. In 2008, she joined the ESSEC Social Entrepreneurship Chair, to take charge of Antropia, its Social Incubator. Marine is now the founder and director of the association Enquête, which develops tools for children to discover secularism and religious facts.
Carlos SEMEDO Senior Territorial Attaché, Carlos Semedo has worked as Director of Associations, Integration and Citizenship of Foreigners and International Relations at the Aubervilliers Town Hall. He was the initiator of the House of Languages and Cultures of Aubervilliers and is an active member of several associations working for the valorization of linguistic knowledge, cultural transmissions and the welcoming of foreigners.
Corinne MENCE-CASTER : Former president of the University of the West Indies and Guiana, Corinne Mencé-Caster is now a professor of Hispanic linguistics at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne. She is also in charge of the Research Master in Foreign and Regional Languages and Cultures, and is the author of several novels.

Members of Honor

After completing management studies, six years in the theatre and exercising several functions in the fields of culture and education, Florence CASTERA founded A FAIRE, A SUIVRE… in 2009. There, she accompanies organizations, associations, local collectivities and public institutions in engineering of their projects in said fields. She was notably manager of the Culture, Childhood, Environment department at the Fondation de France (2002-2009) and Secretary-General of the Comédie-Française (1992-2001).