A multilingual and multicultural team!

The Dulala team is composed of professionals specialized in the fields of bilingualism and interculturality, is supported in its actions by a board of directors as well as a research advisory committee (see below) and is enriched by the consistent commitment of its volunteers.
Since its beginning, Dulala’s only purpose has been to grow and to use expertise and willingness as tools to build an inclusive and united society. 
Send us a spontaneous application if you wish to join!

L’équipe de coordination de Dulala

Anna Stevanato

Founder and director
Anna Stevanato is a bilingualism-specialized linguist and mother of three Franco-Italian children. She completed her studies by undergoing a social and cultural organization management training at the CNAM’s Social Economy Center (Cestes), for which she wrote a participatory research thesis on the acknowledgement of native languages and cultures as integration factors. After staying in Russia and Spain, Anna arrived in France where she first taught Italian for an association, then in an elementary school, which made her realize that the plurilingual skills of many pupils weren’t rightly acknowledged. Thus, Dulala was born.
Plurilingual : Italian, Venetian, French, Spanish, Russian, English
Contact : anna (at) dulala.fr

Joyce Peel

Development and Partnerships manager
Drawn by languages and cultures, Joyce studied political sciences in France and Germany, completing a double international relations master’s degree. European volunteer in a youth and cultural center in Berlin, project manager in an English-language bookstore in Jerusalem, social economy-specialized junior consultant in a Brussels lobbying firm, Emmaüs Alternatives project manager, she eventually joined Dulala in 2019 to contribute to the development of this socially and societally impactful project she’s so passionate about.
Plurilingual : French, English, German
Contact : joyce (at) dulala.fr

Anne-Lise Marill

Training manager
After undergoing a training in didactics at the FLE, Anne-Lise left to teach French in Japan, Norway and Singapore, acquiring pedagogical resources through editorial projects, training teachers and leading a community of learners. Wishing to commit herself to a project with a strong social impact, she joined Dulala in 2021.
Plurilingual:  French, English, Japanese
Contact : formation (at) dulala.fr

Magali Alphand

Workshop manager
Magali’s first love lies in acting. Throughout highschool, preparatory class and college, she dedicated herself to the practice and study of drama and thus started visiting schools to animate workshops, crossing paths with language awareness in the process. After one year spent making multiple interventions for Dulala and many new plurilingual “Hello”s later, she went through the looking glass!
Plurilingual:  French, Italian, English
Contact : magali (at) dulala.fr

Corinne Héloïse

Administrative and accounting officer
As a child, she dreamed of being a private investigator; as a teen, numbers became her hobbyhorse; as an adult, she became passionate about accounting and made it into a career in the private field. Today, Corinne is discovering a brand new universe: the associative sector where harmony, communication, and mutual respect are values enabling each and everyone to grow and to blossom.
Plurilingual: French, Creole, English
Contact : info (at) dulala.fr

Laly Wehbe

Project manager
After completing a Master’s degree in language education, which sparked her curiosity about the link between language learning and children’s literature, Laly went back to her schoolbooks, pens and children’s books and proceeded studying the question in the framework of a Master’s degree in youth literature. In the meantime, she pursued her studies in Finland, taught French in Ireland and read a million stories in a kindergarten and elementary school in Val d’Oise, always careful to add in a touch of language awareness. In 2021, Laly joined Dulala’s team to help bring a fresh wind of plurilingualism on the country of lights!
Plurilingual: French, English, Finnish

Contact : laly (at) dulala.fr

Our network of trainers

Coline Rosdahl

South-west Trainer
After studying theater and anthropology, Coline Rosdahl trained in language didactics (FLE/FLS) and wrote a thesis on the acknowledgement of the linguistic diversity of primary school students when teaching French at school. For several years, she worked on various projects mixing scenic arts with a social dimension (notably in Colombia and Cameroon) before joining Dulala as a Pedagogical Material Manager and then as an independent trainer.
Plurilingual: French, Spanish, Swedish, English
Contact : coline (at) dulala.fr

Caroline Natali

Trainer in Ile-de-France
As a child, Caroline fell down the rabbit hole of letters, words and languages and specialized in language didactics and sociolinguistics. A Spanish teacher, she also worked for 15 years in the French cultural network promoting the French-speaking world and obtained a Master’s degree in linguistic policies along the way. She has just settled down in Ile-de-France to sow the seeds of linguistic diversity with Dulala. In addition to the challenges of multilingualism, she is very interested in children’s literature, especially in the forms and uses of children books in a multilingual context..
Plurilingual: Spanish, English, Italian, Arabic, Corsican 

Contact : caroline (at) dulala.fr

Malika Pedley

Trainer in Ile-de-France
Malika Pedley grew up speaking English and French. After a year working in the field of education in Italy, she decided to study language sciences. After a master’s degree where she focused on bilingual families and the place given to languages in school, she completed a doctorate at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne that dealt with creative writing and multilingualism in Scotland.
Plurilingual:  French, English, Italian
Contact : malika (at) dulala.fr

Laura Cattabianchi

Trainer in Ile-de-France
Laura grew up on the banks of the Adige River in Italy. After a Master’s degree in Entertainment Science and Multimedia Production, she arrived in France to pursue her studies in documentation and mediation. She joined the team of La Gaîté Lyrique in 2013 as a documentalist and multimedia mediator where she created the « Appli’quons-nous! » workshops that imagine more creative relationships to screens. Passionate about languages and stories, it was through a tablet that Laura met Dulala. First in charge of the project to create the web application « Les Kamishibaïs plurilingues », she then joined the team as a trainer.
Plurilingual: Italian, French, Spanish, English

Mathieu Daure

South-west Trainer
Mathieu has been a school teacher for several years in French Guyana. He then specialized in plurilingual approaches in elementary school by completing his teacher training with a Master’s degree in languages, cultures and society in plurilingual environments. He is currently working on a doctoral thesis on the impact of plurilingual teaching on learning, while providing training in the Southwest of France.
Plurilingual: French, English, notions of ndyuka nenge, Crole, Spanish

Contact : mathieu (at) dulala.fr

Caterina Ramonda

Trainer in Italy
Trained in the field of children’s libraries, Caterina writes for magazines and blogs specializing in children’s literature and has been involved for the past fifteen years in meetings promoting reading for children and teens and in training courses for teachers and librarians. She was born in an Occitan valley in Italy and this language – spoken from Italy to Spain through the south of France – has taught her that geographical borders are only a line on paper: so why not expand Dulala out of France ?
Plurilingual: Italian, Occitan, Piedmontese, French, Spanish

Contact : caterina (at) dulala.fr

Elsa Bezault

Trainer in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Having grown up in a rather monolingual French-speaking environment, Elsa has sought to travel through stories and languages since she was a child. After a degree in modern literature and a master’s degree in language teaching, she taught French as a second language to children, teenagers and adults in Tours, Novi Sad (Serbia) and then in Paris and Montreuil. Fond of children’s literature and multilingualism, she joined the Dulala team in 2013. This was the beginning of six years of multilingual adventures and exciting projects with children, parents and professionals throughout Ile-de-France. Since November 2020, she has been developing our actions in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, while exploring other social projects in this territory.
Plurilingual: French, German, English, Serbian

Contact : elsa (at) dulala.fr

Paulette Antheunis

Trainer for speech therapists
Logopedist and Speech Therapist, Paulette has been passionate about the theme of multilingualism for more than ten years. She has experience in the initial training of speech therapists and has been leading continuing education activities for health and early childhood professionals for many years. She is also the co-author of several books and films on the topic of prevention, screening and early intervention in speech therapy. Having co-founded and managed Dialogoris Formation for 13 years, Paulette has seen a growing interest in the theme of parental support, welcoming cultural differences and the care of multilingual children. With these experiences and commitments, Paulette joined the Dulala trainers’ network in 2020 and, with the team, designed and led training courses for speech therapists.
Plurilingual: Dutch, English
Contact : antheunis.paulette (at) wanadoo.fr

Alice Ferré

Artistic practices trainer in Loire Atlantique 
Alice Ferré is at the crossroads of visual arts and pedagogy. In parallel with her artistic research, she conducts numerous interventions during artist residencies and interventions in art centres, in places of deprivation of liberty, schools, extracurricular activities… In 2014, she co-founded Les tables des matières, an association dedicated to giving everyone generous access to artistic practice. It is in this context that she crosses the road of multilingual education, designing for and with Dulala the Fabulala briefcase, which puts stories and artistic practices at the service of multilingualism.
Contact : alice (at) lestablesdesmatieres.fr

Our Language Awareness Workshops Speakers

Dulala runs language awareness workshops as part of the TAP (“Temps d’activités périscolaires”, extracurricular activities time) in Paris, and as part of « form’action » projects. Our team counts about twenty speakers for these language workshops.
Click here to find out more.
We also provide workshops for bilingual children in many languages, led by our 5 speakers!
More information here on our bilingual workshops.

They took part in writing Dulala’s story

Thank you to those who have made Dulala what it is today, former employees, interns, civic service volunteers: Anne Bodénant, Martina Bonfatti, Elise Duprat, Aida Kanoute, Justine Bouzon, Gwenn Guyader, Eva Gutjhar, Camille Legal, Alessandra Mapelli, Ilaria Marsigli, Laura Nieto, Morgane Pacalet, Angélique Pourtaud, Haochen Yang, Said Djaffar, Sabine Paulhet, Myriam Qarbi, Nadjat Belkaid, Elsa Bezault, Coralie Fouques, Valentina Semeghini, Natacha Texier, Wilhelm Martin, Clément Robin …