In July, Dulala hosts its Summer University as well as conferences about plurilingualism, offering the general public opportunities for exchange to spread awareness and recognition of the diversity of languages in our society.
Dulala summer universities welcome students and professionals taking the opportunity of summer break (France) to update their knowledge and reflect on new practices in the field of plurilingualism.
The University represents a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with other professionals from various backgrounds.
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Conferences to raise awareness of the challenges of multilingualism

In about 1h30, it’s about:
> setting clear and accessible benchmarks and deconstructing preconceived notions about languages
> showcasing inspiring practices around languages regardless of their status
> inspiring participants to get involved on a daily basis for the sake of an inclusive, multilingual education
A format that is:
> clear: infographics, video clips, situational exercises, accessible language level to allow everyone to appropriate the content that is being presented.
> interactive: participants are frequently solicited and time for discussion is established.
This short format allows to raise awareness before carrying out proper training actions.

They trust us:

The Ile-de-France Region, the Ministry of National Education, the General Council of Finistère, the General Council of Seine Saint Denis, the departmental media library of Seine et Marne, the network of libraries of the City of Evry and Montreuil, the media library of Sarreguemines, the Café de l’Ecole des Parents, the Maison de l’Enfance du XIXe, the ACEPP, the FURET, the Maison de l’Europe et de l’Orient, the Maison de l’Europe as well as many early childhood structures and schools.